Sabotaging Healthcare


“On Wednesday, President Trump announced that he plans to use the powers of his office to jeopardize health-care access for millions of low-income people, while destabilizing America’s insurance markets — because he believes that voters will blame the ensuing chaos on the Democratic Party, leaving Chuck Schumer desperate to negotiate with the White House over Obamacare repeal.” Read the rest of Eric Levitz’ article here.

California Lists Glyphosate as Carcinogen


By USDA Photo by: Charles O’Rear [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Monsanto’s weedkiller Roundup. This chemical is widely used throughout California, particularly in the Central Valley. This is the first time a regulatory body in the United States has listed glyphosate as a carcinogen. The federal Environmental Protection Agency claims: Glyphosate products can be safely used by following label directions.

Monsanto is not pleased with this situation and is fighting (i.e., litigating) California’s decision. For more information see: Cancer Worries Over a Common Weedkiller.

Coal Museum Adds Solar Panels

US Steel Coke Plant, Clairton PA, 1973. Public Domain, National Archives and Records Administration

Grist reports that “A coal museum in Kentucky is switching to solar power. Long live irony!” The museum will save money on electrical costs by installing solar panels on the roof. All excess energy produced will feed into the town’s power grid. In the past election, 85% of the voters in Harlan County, where the museum is located, voted for The Twitler who promised to bring back coal jobs. Yea, right….

Food Desert / Food Mirage

chili pepper

Stephen Tucker Paulson wrote an article in the JAN/FEB 2017 issue of Mother JonesThe Depressing Truth About Hipster Food Towns. It was the first time I saw the term “food mirage” used. A food mirage occurs when gentrification has encouraged the entrance of high-priced food markets into a neighborhood that either had no markets (food deserts) or had small food markets that have been priced out of the market. The mirage is the presence of good, healthy food stores that many local residents cannot afford. It’s an interesting article, starting with Brooklyn and continuing to the food mirages in Portland, Oregon.

Hippies Have Won (the Plate)

Homemade Pizza, (cc) NC Mulvany

The New York Times has an article about how hippie cuisine has become mainstream. Many familiar foodies make an appearance in the article: Deborah Madison, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Sandor Katz, Alice Waters, and others. The article also includes a link to what looks like a tasty recipe for “Pan-Griddled Sweet Potatoes with Miso-Ginger Sauce.”

Norse Mythology


I thoroughly enjoyed reading Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology. Gaiman retells some of the very old Norse myths. He studied many translations of Snorri Sturluson’s Poetic Edda and dazzles us with a fresh retelling. I first came across Snorri Sturluson during a trip to Iceland. It was my first introduction to Thor, Loki, Frey, and Odin.

These are the types of stories that will be easy to reread and enjoy well into the future. Highly Recommended