A Chilly Start to 2018

Ice Branch

2018 started out on a cold note for people living in the Midwest and Eastern United States. Those of us in the West have experienced strange warm weather and a lack of moisture. Along the West Coast many are now dealing with the aftermath of strong, wet storms that have caused massive landslides in the fire-damaged areas.

In particular my area has reclaimed its spot on the National Drought Monitor Map.  For the entire month of December I measured 0.24 inches of moisture in my backyard. We may get some rain later today. That would be most welcome. Of course, now that it is January, we should be getting snow not rain.


Calling All Lazy Gardeners!


Don’t rake your leaves! Let the flowers with drying seed heads remain! Leave all the garden debris where it is. There are lots of insects, mice, worms, and other critters that will make good use of your garden during the winter. Next spring you can clean it up. The over-wintering pollinators will thank you. Sign a Pledge To Be a Lazy Gardener at the Habitat Network.