Fortis Mane, Stay Strong

These days it is easy to get worn down by the incessant noise emanating from Washington, D.C. We now have an admitted Sexual Predator and Harasser at the helm of government. The Twitler-in-Chief can barely focus on much more than 140 character tweets. I come across of a lot commentary about our political situation. When I find a piece that does not contribute to the noise and is worth thinking about, I’ll post a link. I have particular interests and will focus on them. I am very concerned about our public lands and the environment. However, this is not going to be primarily a political blog.

Sometimes I read a fun book, I’ll let you know about those. I’m interested in science, so expect a smattering of that. Photography has saved me from dismal swamps in the past. There is something special about looking through a lens and seeing beauty unfold. I’ll be sharing some images with you. Let’s stay strong together!

— Nancy