Banana Republic

(cc) Max Ronnersjö

In the recent past many pundits thought that the United States was heading toward joining the ranks of banana republics. Today the writing is on the wall, we now have what has been missing, a tinhorn dictator.

Like other tinhorn dictators, Trump has no use for the essentials of democracy. He openly attacks a free press and has a house press of his own, Fox News, and soon, quite possibly, Time Inc., the acquisition of which has been partially financed by the Koch brothers. More, there are allegations that he may using the levers of government to punish his press opponents, using the Justice Department’s antitrust suit against the proposed AT&T purchase of Time Warner to try to force the divestment of CNN. “America the Banana Republic” November 29, 2017 by Neal Gabler.

The article, “America the Banana Republic”, provides a refresher course about the meaning of banana republic. It’s a good read.